Extended Auto Warranties

TechServ is leading the way for extended vehicle warranty companies by providing exceptional service to people just like you. There is no reason for you to settle for less than the best when it comes to protecting your automobile. Just like insurance for your car, we are there for you when things unexpectedly go wrong. Did you know that with our coverage you can qualify for a free rental car when your car breaks down? We offer multiple plans with varying coverage so that you can find the right fit for you. Visit our coverage plans page to see what each plan will cover.

Extended Car Warranty Cost

We understand that saving as much money as possible in today's world is crucial. That is why we are here to help you. Our extended warranty coverage is far superior to our competitors packages. On top of that we offer lower rates and payment plans than other companies with a $100 deductible. We want everyone to have a custom price for their car or truck, not a general price like the other guys. There are numerous factors that go into calculating your warranty price to make it just for you. The great news, is you can receive a free, instant quote right here on our website in less than a couple of minutes. We will ask you a few questions such as what state you live in, the make and model of the vehicle you want the protection on, and the estimated mileage on the vehicle. After we process that, you will be presented with an estimated quote instantly. After you receive the estimated cost of the extended warranty you can continue to receive your personal quote. We will need your VIN number and your exact mileage from your vehicle in order to calculate the price. Once you enter that information you will receive your warranty price! Then you just have to decide to pay the full amount at once or use one of our convenient payment plans. All of this takes less than five minutes and we make it very easy for you! Find the price of your extended vehicle warranty now.

Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle service contracts, also known as extended vehicle agreements or warranties, are designed to help you when your car has unexpected repairs. The plans can cover something smaller that quits working like your water pump. It can also be a full powertrain warranty. The powertrain warranty provides you with an engine warranty, transmission warranty, and drivetrain warranty. Which are three of the most expensive mechanical repairs you can encounter for your car or truck. These examples, of course, aren't all that is covered but listed to give you an idea. Extended warranty plans generally pick up right where your manufacturer warranty stops. When paired with automobile insurance, you have a full protection plan for your vehicle for years to come.

Benefits of Extended Warranty Plans

Here at TechServ we offer a few different levels of protection for your car or truck. Each level will have varying benefits and expenses covered. A few of the lesser known benefits of our plans include Road Side Assistance, Lockout Services, Road Hazard Coverage, and Trip Interruption Coverage. Please review your plan's coverage details for specifics. You can also refer to our frequently asked question section below or our resources page for additional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Auto Warranty Too Good To Be True?

Too good to be true?

Why is our TECH SERV price so much cheaper than a dealership or other Internet marketed companies who incorrectly or possibly illegally market themselves as warranty companies?

Only a Manufacturer, Distributor, or Dealer of the product sold may market themselves as selling a Warranty. All other entities must market themselves as selling an Extended Service (Repair) or Agreement Contract. Be wary of any solicitations you receive offering a Warranty. Simply put your contract is between you and Old Republic Insured Automotive Services Inc, and insured by Old Republic Insurance Company. Your claims will be adjusted directly by Old Republic Insured Automotive Services, Inc. and paid for with their credit card directly to the repair facility. NO waiting for payment. We provide mechanical, electrical and electronic coverage to include Heads, Blocks, Seals & Gaskets, Alternators, Water Pumps, Factory Installed GPS, CD and DVD players, just to name a few. The only items not covered are listed in the What’s not covered section. and we ask that you read that carefully. Your coverage starts the DAY YOU PURCHASE, not 30 days later, DAY ONE! ACCEPTED at any repair facility. You are not forced to have your car repaired at a specified repair shop. Your coverage includes car rentals, roadside assistance and more. Too Good To Be True? NO! Just a quality product at fair price.


Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

A+ BBB Rating

BBB file opened: 01/20/1999. Business started: 11/15/1977

Insurance Company Information Your Auto Warranty Coverage


Old Republic Insured Automotive Services, Inc. (ORIAS)

Old Republic Insured Automotive Services, Inc. (ORIAS) specializes in aftermarket products and services designed exclusively for automobile dealers and vehicle manufacturers. Our primary products are guaranteed asset protection (GAP) plans for consumer automobile loans and vehicle service contracts (VSCs). Our strength lies in our ability to deliver single-source solutions to our customers – from product marketing and administration, to processing, regulatory compliance, claims administration, and insurance for private label programs – making ORIAS a responsive, reliable, and valuable partner for the long term. All our products are insured by Old Republic Insurance Company and distributed largely by independent agents serving the retail automotive industry. Old Republic Insurance Company is rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best. ORIAS and Old Republic Insurance Company are members of Old Republic International Corporation.

With a track record of performance that dates back to 1974, ORIAS offers the comprehensive protection programs and services that address the changing needs of our customers and today’s consumer drivers. Through Old Republic Insurance Company, we deliver the security and financial strength our partners can depend on-with the competitive pricing and personal service they need to thrive. ORIAS offers a full complement of vehicle protection programs and innovative services that give our partners a distinct advantage in their business.

Towing and Road Service For Your Auto Warranty

Towing and Road Service

We will pay or reimburse you for receipted towing & road service expenses up to $50.00 per occurrence.

We will pay or reimburse you for receipted towing & road service expenses up to $50.00 per occurrence. See the “Your Coverage” Link on the home page for exact details.

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles

We do not offer coverage for any commercial vehicles!

Where Can I Get My Vehicle Repaired Under My Auto Warranty?

Where can you get your vehicle repaired?

At any licensed repair facility.

Lost Key Lockout Coverage For Your Auto Warranty

Lost Key Lockout Coverage

LockSmith Services

In the event the keys for your vehicle are lost, broken or accidently locked in your vehicle you may be eligible for $35 for locksmith services.

See the “Your Coverage” Link on the home page for exact details.

Road Hazard Tire Coverage For Your Auto Warranty

Road Hazard Coverage

In the event your vehicle tire(s) incurs damage from a road hazard…you may be eligible for up $100 per tire replacement per occurrence or $20 per repair.

See the “Your Coverage” Link on the home page for exact details.

Meals & Lodging Included In Your Auto Warranty Contract

Trip Interuption Coverage

Meals and Lodging

In the event of a covered breakdown by this contract that occurs more than 100 miles from your home that requires the repair facility to keep your vehicle overnight, you can be reimbursed up $75 per day for a maximum of 3 days.

See the “Your Coverage” Link on the home page for exact details.

Transferring Auto Warranty Contract To Another Party Some Vehicles May Not Be Eligible For Your Auto Warranty

Transfer of contract

You may transfer you coverage to a new owner within 30 days of completion of all paperwork and a $75 transfer fee.

Easy Payments For Your Auto Warranty

No additional cost payment schedule

12 Months, 0%APR

We are offering customers who may not have the cash available or room on their credit card to pay their service contract balance over 12 months.


Payment Methods For Your Auto Warranty

Payment Methods

Business or Personal Checks Accepted!

We Accept These Cards

or, No Additional Cost Payment Schedule


60 Day Money-Back Guarantee on Your Auto Warranty Contract

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!

We want you to be satisfied!

If Your TECH SERV Contract is cancelled within the first sixty (60) days from the date shown on the Registration Page, and no claims have been filed, We will refund the entire Contract charge paid. If a claim has been made against Your Contract, or if the Contract has been in effect more than sixty (60) days we will refund an amount of the Contract charge according to the pro-rata method reflecting the greater of the days in force or the miles driven based on the term/miles selected and the date coverage begins, less a fifty dollar ($50.00) administrative fee (unless otherwise stated in the SPECIAL STATE REQUIREMENTS/DISCLOSURES section).

You will receive your cancellation refund from the seller.

Your Auto Warranty Deductible

Your Deductible

$100.00 deductible on all our plans!

In the event of a Breakdown covered by this Contract, You may be required to pay a Deductible. No Deductible payment is required with respect to Emergency Roadside Assistance as provided by this Contract. If You have a Deductible, as shown on the Registration Page, the Deductible amount will be applied on a per repair visit basis.

Should a covered Breakdown take more than one visit to repair, only one Deductible will apply for that Breakdown.

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Auto Warranty Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Shops

Vehicle Maintenance Requirements

Only a licensed repair facility may do maintenance and repair.

Rental Car Provision For Your Auto Warranty

Rental Car Coverage

Should you have a covered repair we will pay or reimburse you for receipted expenses to rent a replacement vehicle up to a maximum of $30.00 per day.

See the “Your Coverage” Link on the home page for exact details.

Why Us?

Our goal is to provide you with the best automotive warranty coverage for a fraction of the cost that our competitors will charge you. We are insured and underwritten by Old Republic Insurance Company which has given us the ability to help people with vehicle service agreements since 1976. We have also maintained an impressive A+ rating with The BBB. Sign up today to start receiving the service you deserve!

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2014 - TechServ Vehicle Service Contracts

DISCLAIMER: Information provided within this site is not a contract or vehicle service agreement. It provides a general summary of the coverage available. Please refer to your actual vehicle service contract for coverage, terms and conditions. Consumers often mistakenly refer to these contracts as auto warranty or auto warranties, breakdown insurance or extended warranties or repair agreements. They are none of these. TechServ is a vehicle service contract between you the consumer and Old Republic insured automotive services, Inc. See the Insurance Company above for complete information.